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Caribbean Community Building Project


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Upcoming Events

31 DEC 2007:

FundRaising: 2nd Annual New Years Eve Bash

27 SEP 2007:

FundRaising: Community Dinner

16 JUN 2007:

Father's Day Dinner and Dance

12 MAY 2007:

Mother's Day Dinner


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31 DEC 2006:

FundRaising New Years Eve Event

XX JUL 2006:

FundRaising Raffle

08 JUL 2006:

FundRaising Caribbean Social

17 JUN 2006:

FundRaising Community Carwash

XX JUN 2006:

Community Info Session

27 MAY 2006:

Moving Day

06 MAY 2006:

FundRaising Caribbean Social

31 MAR 2006:

Infomation Session

26 FEB 2006:

Sunday Brunch

22 NOV 2005:

Sisters of the Holy Rock

27 OCT 2005:

CCBP's Open House

10 SEP 2005:

Giant Yard Sale

19 JUN 2005:

FundRaiser: Father's Day Brunch

09 MAY 2005:

A fundraising CCBP Lottery: more details comming soon.

09 MAY 2005:

Now Active:    Help to Build a Community and Cultural Centre   -   Pledge Online Now

09 MAY 2005:

View Proposed Bldg and Community Open Forum

16 APR 2005:

Community Open Forum

How To Contact Us

  • The Caribbean Community Building Project
    MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box - 2853, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3C 4B4

  • LOCATION (new): The Caribbean Cultural Centre of Manitoba
    1100 Fife Street, Inkster Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • PHONE (office/ccbp): 1-204-697-0441

  • PHONE (office/ccom): 1-204-783-8970

  • EMAIL: ccomone@yahoo.ca

  • EMAIL: caribbean_community@hotmail.com


  • The Caribbean Community Building Project
    MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box - 2853, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3C 4B4

  • LOCATION: 1500 Wall St, West End, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • PHONE (office/ccom): 1-204-783-8970


  • A Community Church.

  • A High School Steel Band.

  • Hi-Life Steel Orchestra.

    • Band practice is held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings

  • The Barbados Association of Winnipeg.

  • The Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba Inc.

  • The Grenadian Association of Manitoba.

  • The Grenadian Association Cultural Performers.

    • Dance practice is held on every Sunday between 2pm to 4pm

  • The Guyanese Cultural Organization of Manitoba

  • The St Vincent and Grenadines Assocition of Winnipeg

  • The Trinidad and Tobago Society of Winnipeg

  • Various other community organizations and private individuals.

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  • CCBP: About Us

    The Caribbean Community Building Project is an independent body comprising of interested and concerned individuals who would like to leave a legacy for the children of people of Caribbean Heritage. Member of the interim management committee comprises of individuals from a wide cross-section of the Winnipeg community and are not necessary affiliated to a community organization. This new Caribbean Community Cultural Centre is now opened to all communities in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


    Caribbean Community Building Project

    Over the past several years the Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba Inc (CCOM) has made several attempts at acquiring a building to serve as a community centre for the Caribbean Community.

    CCOM's efforts have included explorations of opportunities to purchase, investigations into the location and condition of certain buildings, and consulations and other interest groups. In the end however, all these efforts were met with cancellations, which resulted in frustration.

    Eventually, a new player entered the marketplace. An indepentent unit , The Caribbean Community Building Project Initiative took over the reign.

    With initial financial support / donation from CCOM, the body comprising of several individuals from a wide cross-section of the Winnipeg community.

    The most recent development:

    After much consultation with members of the community, a group of concerned individuals have looked at an available building at the corner of Manitoba Avenue and Fife Street. Members of CCOM and others, who have had the opportunity to view the building, have considered it an ideal building for the Caribbean Community in Winnipeg City.

    Moreover, they have noted the following:

    • It appears structurally strong
    • It looks relatively new
    • It is quite spacious
    • It is large enough to accommodate The Caribbean Pavilion for Folklorama
    • It contains space for banquet halls, offices, commercial space and opportunities for sports facilities
    • It has a large parking lot that can accommodate approximately seventy cars
    • It could serve as a drop-in centre for our youth and seniors
    • It possesses space for tutoring and contining education classes
    • It contains space for a restaurant
    • It is located in a quite area

    The cost of this building is under negotiations.

    It is anticipated that some financial assistance will come from other sources all three levels of government, but the main responsibility has to rest with the Caribbean Community whose donations, investment, and fundraising efforts must rise to the ocassion in order to make the acquisition of this worthwhile project a reality.

    Please come and indicate your intention to support this venture

    Professional Services

    • ACCOUNTANT / AUDITOR: to be appointed
    • LAWYER: Derek Alexander
    • BUILDING ENGINEER: Jack Abiusi

    Committee Members

    The Caribbean Community Building Project is an independent body and is comprised of various interested individuals from the wider Winnipeg community.

    If you would like to volunteer your time and services towards this community effort please do so by contact the members listed below.

    Alexis Weekes1-204-654-4417 Chris Bellamy1-204-946-5500
    Dorothy Barrett1-204-777-5256 Dr. June James1-204-000-0000
    John Jack1-204-275-0870 Margaret Strachan1-204-694-6025
    Mevlyn Steele1-204-223-8594 Pastor Raymond Cornish1-204-000-0000
    Robin Dwarka1-204-957-5615 Valeria Fraser1-204-222-5655

    Pledge Forms

    Pledge forms are available from members of the building project.

    Importantly, all cheques must be made payable to the:

    Caribbean Community Building Project

    Tax receipts are available for donation of CDN$25 and above.

    Alternately, you can now pledge online. Your personal financial information is not required.

    Mission Statement

    The Caribbean Community need permanence and prominence by having a facility that will:

    • Encourage togetherness
    • Foster and perpetuate Caribbean culture
    • Stimulate economical,social and political growth
    • Lend support to the needs and desires of individuals, business and organizations
    • Create linkage amoung youths, adults and seniors.


    • Developing, Nurturing, Encouraging Academic and Cultural Pursuits
    • Establish a library and archive for Caribbean Artistic, cultural materials and artifacts
    • Improving job opportunities and career transitioning
    • Programs to enhance seniors's lifestyles and linkage with the younger generations
    • Establish a Resources Centre to enchance opportunities for youths and to assist new immigrants settlement

    Team / Resources

    These are some of the resources that we will need to allocate to this project in order to archive success.

    • Trade: Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, etc.
    • Equipment: Computers, furnatures and office equipments
    • Support and Outside Services: Accountant, Lawyers, Teachers, Technicians, etc.
    • Sales: Business rental, Equipment, Banquet Hall, Memberships, Programs, etc.

    Current Status

    Overview level of progress

    • Activities: Private and Community Meeting, Dance Practice, Garage Sales, Workshops, Office Space, Board Meeting, and etc

    • Business Plan: completed

    • Fundraising: on going

    • Marketing Plan: in progress

    • Occupancy: is occupied

    • Tenant(s): CCOM (the major tenant), HiLife Steel Orchestra, Trinidad and Tobago Society of Wpg Inc, Grenadian Association of Manitoba Inc, Babardos Association of Winnipeg Inc, St Vincent and the Grenadine Association of Manitoba Inc.

    Property Description:

    Located in the southeast corner of the Inkster Industrial Park on the corner of Fife St and College Ave. Private offices, boardroom, 20 ton Liebert A/C with high quality interior finish and appealing brick concrete exterior.

    Building Size: 9,880 SF

    Zoning Description: M2

    Additional Types: Warehouse

    Primary Type: Office Building

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